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Inevitably, the market is pushing toward the “sustainability” due to customers ever more susceptible to projects with accountable management.

In this sense, strong encouragement is coming from a market, which started to opt for environment-friendly logistical operators. And its not only this.

The territory development, attention paid to environmental aspects, and those of transportation policy as well as the growth of professional and human profiles come together with the sustainable growth of TN Logistica.

Accountable Transportation

TN Logistica strength is able to offer customers a service, which cares about the environment. Torello standards resulting in GLAP (Green Logistic Automation Platform) – a procedure patent making more efficient goods logistics management, and this way, helping to achieve offered services higher quality from an ever greener point of view – are fully accepted.

On the other hand, road transportation constitute the Gruppo core, so we work to alleviate the environmental impact caused by our activity.

Ralpin Environmental Certification

TN Logistica is delivering the data on the transportation phases providing fact-based answers. The quality based on the certification achieved is an indispensable tool for the value increase.

Minimizing the Environmental Impact

Reduction of pollutants emissions is a feature of all TN Logistica logistical projects. We adopted all available measures to retain the environment contamination caused by the transportation logistics:


Purchase and use of vehicles with low environmental impact;


Increase of efficiency related to the transportation loads;


Promotion of an environment-friendly driving system (eco-drive);


Promotion of intermodality.