Sustainability and development

TN Logistica strength is able to offer the customers a service, which cares about the environment. Torello standards inspired by Research & Development plan are fully adopted.

24.499.604 kg CO2 saved until December 2023
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An Ideal Ally

The investments and quality of services combined with the local industrial fabric have created conditions for strategic positioning. Torello has found in TN Logistica an ideal ally

It does not matter which technology or new demand will arise in the future, it is the people with their values who provide the services to determine its success.

We make the positive difference by the mean of our integrated chain of supply, our practice in the area of driving, and our Europe-wide organization.

Roman Marcinka

Import/Export Manager

The companies shall ensure the flexibility and agility of their Supply Chains; this is why we extended the range of our services: to become more differentiated and to continue offering added value.

Rocco Loria

General Manager TN Logistica

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