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Senec, Slovakia – Delivered vehicles Volvo

The new Volvo trucks are ready to walk the streets – A few weeks ago TN Logistics SK participated in a meeting at the Volvo Truck Center in Senec – Slovakia anticipating, on that occasion, the purchase of new Volvo trucks. The vehicles were delivered just a few days ago directly from Robert Mészáros – Commercial Director of Volvo Trucks Senec (Slovenská Republika) to the Head of Logistics SK TN – Mr. Roman Marcinka.

The necessary resources and not just – I just bought tractors, which meets the latest Euro 6 legislation, are just one of the many operations carried out. An accurate definition of the objectives confirms the TN Logistics SK vocation: a modern company that thanks to this operation adds another element to the Group’s intentions.

Volvo is a leading transportation and logistics TN SK has established a fruitful partnership aimed to achieve corporate objectives.