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Growing fleet TN Logistics SK – New trucks Mercedes

TN SK Logistics has chosen Mercedes-Benz. It’s been a few days since the withdrawal of the first means of a new supply contract at the automotive group Motor-Car Bratislava, a landmark in Slovakia, which is among other big its Mercedes-Benz brand.

TN Logistics SK is growing. “There has been a major step in the company. Our philosophy is to provide quality products combined with quality services. With these new trucks – said the Executive Manager Rocco Loria – our goal is to introduce ourselves to each potential customer with different types of media, to be able to meet and satisfy all requests. We must never leave the customer’s questions unanswered. ”

But the client is not the only one with the highest standards of one of the most functional on the market truck. qualitative means worthy of the brand, which feature all the latest most advanced solutions in the range, both in the on-board comfort, as in driving dynamics and safety.

I am shortly, the means are ready to travel!